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      第一個能量中心 — 對應於盆骨神經叢





      First Energy Center – Corresponds to Pelvic Plexus

      ◇Located under tail bone.

      ◇Governs organs regulating reproduction, excretion and retention.

      ◇Manifests subtle wisdom and innocence.

      ◇Gives joy, balance and sense of direction in all aspects of life that we all are looking for.

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      第二個能量中心 — 對應於主動脈神經叢





      Second Energy Center – Corresponds to Aortic Plexus

      ◇Located under lower abdomen area.

      ◇Governs the function of kidneys, lower part of liver, spleen.

      ◇Manifests pure attention, knowledge and creativity.

      ◇Improves concentration, relaxes mind and connects to the inner source of inspiration and reality.

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      第三能量中心 — 對應太陽神經叢





      Third Energy Center – Corresponds to Solar Plexus

      ◇Located under belly button.

      ◇Governs organs responsible for digestive system like stomach and upper part of liver.

      ◇Manifests peace and satisfaction within.

      ◇Helps to overcome materialism, and enhances contentment and generosity.

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      第四個能量中心 — 對應心臟神經叢





      Fourth Energy Center – Corresponds to Cardiac Plexus

      ◇Located behind the sternum bone.

      ◇Governs the function of heart and lungs.

      ◇Manifests love and compassion.

      ◇Removes all kinds of fear and fills with pure love of the spirit or true self.

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      第五個能量中心 — 對應頸部神經叢





      Fifth Energy Center – Corresponds to Cervical Plexus

      ◇Located behind the collar bone.

      ◇Governs the function of throat, ears, mouth, tongue, nose.

      ◇Manifests harmony and collectivity.

      ◇Enhances the understanding of unity and need of community.

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      第六個能量中心 — 對應視神經交叉





      Sixth Energy Center – Corresponds to Optic Chiasm

      ◇Located behind the forehead

      ◇Governs the function of pineal/pituitary gland, eyesight, brain

      ◇Manifests forgiveness and thoughtless awareness

      ◇Dissolves anger and lets you forgive everybody including yourself, making the way for mental silence spontaneously.

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      第七個能量中心 — 對應大腦頂部邊緣系統





      Seventh Energy Center – Corresponds to Limbic Area

      ◇Located on top of the head

      ◇Governs limbic area of brain

      ◇Manifests integration and joy

      ◇Enlightens the brain and integrates qualities of all centers, showering the inner bliss of new consciousness of reality

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